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Title: The Top U.S. Cities And Towns Where Biden Is Sending Hundreds Of Thousands Of Paroled Migrants
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Published: May 15, 2024
Author: Mike Rivero
Post Date: 2024-05-15 11:58:28 by Horse
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Is YOURS On The List?

Between January and August of 2023, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent more than 200,000 migrants from a controversial parole program to 45 municipalities across the country – here are the top 10:



Ft. Lauderdale


Los Angeles



New York

San Francisco


Article by Ethan Huff, republished with permission from

More than 80 percent of the migrants ended up in Florida with Miami receiving more than any other city at 91,821 of them.

Reports indicate that the program was enacted in October 2022, allowing a limited number of migrants who had not entered the U.S. illegally to fly directly into the country and land in one of 45 locales.

All qualifying migrants had to already have a sponsor in the U.S., and they all had to pass various vetting tests before being allowed entry.

The program was initially announced specifically for fleeing Venezuelans, but was later expanded to include Haitians, Nicaraguans and Cubans.

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