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Title: Israel is the last pure national socialist state
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Published: Jan 5, 2006
Author: "frank"
Post Date: 2006-08-21 15:09:05 by bluegrass
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From a "Nazi":

The Zionist state is the only successfull national socialist state surviving today after the unfortunate collapse of the Afrikaner Apartheid state in South Africa. Membership of the state depends on racial membership only and many socialist principles are combined with a racial national policy of creating 'lebensraum' (settlements) taken from other (Arab) races which clearly do not use the land in an equally advanced manner as the Jewish race is able to do. Hitler and the Zionist even worked together because their objectives (racial separation) and ideology (national socialism) were very much alike. We should therefore support Israel in any way possible since it shows that national socialism can improve all races, including the Jewish race.

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#1. To: bluegrass (#0)

Hitler and the Zionist even worked together because their objectives (racial separation) and ideology (national socialism) were very much alike.

Is Bush a Jew ??? / Are Jews the REAL NAZI's ??? 04/discussion.cgi.33.html

"9. IS IT TRUE that the British government granted visas to 300 rabbis and their families to the Colony of Mauritius, with passage for the evacuees through Turkey. The "Jewish Agency" leaders sabotaged this plan with the observation that the plan was disloyal to Palestine, and the 300 rabbis and their families should be gassed.

10. IS IT TRUE that during the course of the negotiations mentioned above, Chaim Weitzman, the first "Jewish statesman" stated: "The most valuable part of the Jewish nation is already in Palestine, and those Jews living outside Palestine are not too important". Weitzman's cohort, Greenbaum, amplified this statement with the observation "One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe"...."

Ten questions to the Zionists by Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L

Dean of Nitra Yeshiva


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#2. To: bluegrass, innieway, Coral Snake, All (#1)

connecting some dots. This is very long, but I wanted to tie various articles together to help build the case for not only the PAST Nazi involvement of the Jews or "Jews" and the Bush family, but the future [present?] Reich as they build it around us. America WAS PLANNED as the Fourth Reich, in case you didn't know it:

some thoughts from the Jews:

"....Saving of Life

THIS SUBJECT - the supreme value of human life and the obligation of every human being to do the outmost to save the life of a fellow human - is of obvious importance in itself. It is also of particular interest in a Jewish context, in view of the fact that since the second world war Jewish opinion has - in some cases justly, in others unjustly - condemned 'the whole world' or at least all Europe for standing by when Jews were being massacred. Let us therefore examine what the Halakhah has to say on this subject.

According to the Halakhah, the duty to save the life of a fellow Jew is paramount.14 It supersedes all other religious obligations and interdictions, excepting only the prohibitions against the three most heinous sins of adultery (including incest), murder and idolatry.

As for Gentiles, the basic talmudic principle is that their lives must not be saved, although it is also forbidden to murder them outright. The Talmud itself~~ expresses this in the maxim 'Gentiles are neither to be lifted [out of a well] nor hauled down [into it]'. Maimonides16 explains:

"As for Gentiles with whom we are not at war ... their death must not be caused, but it is forbidden to save them if they are at the point of death; if, for example, one of them is seen falling into the sea, he should not be rescued, for it is written: 'neither shalt thou stand against the blood of thy fellow'17 - but [a Gentile] is not thy fellow."

In particular, a Jewish doctor must not treat a Gentile patient. Maimonides - himself an illustrious physician - is quite explicit on this; in another passage18 he repeats the distinction between 'thy fellow' and a Gentile, and concludes: 'and from this learn ye, that it is forbidden to heal a Gentile even for payment...'

However, the refusal of a Jew - particularly a Jewish doctor - to save the life of a Gentile may, if it becomes known, antagonize powerful Gentiles and so put Jews in danger. Where such danger exists, the obligation to avert it supersedes the ban on helping the Gentile. Thus Maimonides continues: ' ... but if you fear him or his hostility, cure him for payment, though you are forbidden to do so without payment.' In fact, Maimonides himself was Saladin's personal physician. His insistence on demanding payment - presumably in order to make sure that the act is not one of human charity but an unavoidable duty - is however not absolute. For in another passage he allows Gentile whose hostility is feared to be treated 'even gratis, if it is unavoidable'.

The whole doctrine - the ban on saving a Gentile's life or healing him, and the suspension of this ban in cases where there is fear of hostility - is repeated (virtually verbatim) by other major authorities, including the 14th century Arba'ah Turirn and Karo's Beyt Yosef and Shulhan 'Arukh.19 Beyt Yosef adds, ***** quoting Maimonides: 'And it is permissible to try out a drug on a heathen, if this serves a purpose'; and this is repeated also by the famous R. Moses Isserles.

The consensus of halakhic authorities is that the term 'Gentiles' in the above doctrine refers to all non-Jews. A lone voice of dissent is that of R. Moses Rivkes, author of a minor commentary on the Shulhan Arukh, who writes.20

Our sages only said this about heathens, who in their day worshipped idols and did not believe in the Jewish Exodus from Egypt or in the creation of the world ex nihilo. But the Gentiles in whose [protective] shade we, the people of Israel, are exiled and among whom we are scattered do believe in the creation of the world ex nihilo and in the Exodus and in several principles of our own religion and they pray to the Creator of heaven and earth ... Not only is there no interdiction against helping them, but we are even obliged to pray for their safety.

This passage, dating from the second half of the 17th century, is a favorite quote of apologetic scholars.21 Actually, it does not go nearly as far as the apologetics pretend, for it advocates remov~ing the ban on saving a Gentile's life, rather than making it mandatory as in the case of a Jew; and even this liberality extends only to Christians and Muslims but not the majority of human beings. Rather, what it does show is that there was a way in which the harsh doctrine of the Halakhah could have been progressively liberalized. But as a matter of fact the majority of later halakhic authorities, far from extending Rivkes' leniency to other human groups, have rejected it altogether......"

Jewish History, Jewish Religion - The Weight of Three Thousand Years


by Professor Israel Shahak

The Laws Against Non-Jews te/shahak5.htm


The Zionist state is the only successfull national socialist state surviving today after the unfortunate collapse of the Afrikaner Apartheid state in South Africa.




South Africa


In the meantime the Eugenics Society in England had gone underground. The 1945 Annual Report shows that the Society would no longer undertake direct propaganda to public or Parliament, but only to related organisations. From this moment on the Eugenics Society became a hidden element, delineating the propaganda lines of other organisations.

In 1957 Dr. C.P. Blacker, then Honorary Secretary of the Society, suggested a further retreat into the background, and adherence to the policy of crypto- Eugenics, that is, through finance and propaganda from behind the scenes.

This proposal was adopted in 1960 and the Society set out on a wide-spread programme of manipulation. Genetics and Eugenics as such - not behind the cloak of mental health - were still, in spite of their unsavoury associations in the public mind, able to make remarkable progress. And the various eugenics societies flourish today.

Some of the well-known arms of the octopus are: The Marie Stopes Memorial Foundation, a subsidiary subsidised bit the Eugenics Society; the Family Planning Association and the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, which are heavily financed by the Eugenics Society; the Voluntary Sterilisation Association was directed from the same address as the Eugenics Society; the Galton Foundation, run by the Eugenics Society; and others.

Dr. C.P. Blacker, now chairman of the Eugenics Society discovered, while a member of a committee of investigation on the atrocities committed by Nazi doctors, that although none of the experiments produced scientific conclusions and although the methods used by the Nazis were unfortunate, euthanasia of the insane was acceptable.

In an address to the Eugenics Society in 1951 he outlined the three following areas in relation to Germany:

Sterilisation under the 1934 edict of law.

Euthanasia of the chronically mentally ill and of those similarly handicapped.

**** Experiments using live people for the purpose of developing an economical method of mass sterilisation.

He acknowledged that he was quite satisfied with the area of legal sterilisation, the law governing which he thought was correct, except for sterilisation based on racial grounds - for Blacker naturally makes no attempt to pass moral judgement.

On the subject of euthanasia of the mentally ill he explains:

"...these people were mercifully killed. The idea of merciful killing is not unknown in this country; in fact a society on a voluntary basis... exists to promote it."

Nevertheless, he condemns experiments on living people for three specific reasons:

"a) It was not necessary to use human beings. Animal experiments would have met the purpose Just as well.

b) No results of the slightest scientific interest are recorded; nor in my opinion were any likely to have resulted even if more time had been available.

c) The experiments failed in their primary purpose of providing a cheap method of mass sterilisation or castration..."

If we examine this condemnation more closely, it is easily recognised that had it been the case that an economical means of mass sterilisation had been discovered, the experiments could only have been condemned by reason of the first-named point. Apart from that, these three viewpoints implied that the development of a low-cost method of mass sterilisation would represent a worthwhile scientific product. Where and under what conditions could such a wonderful achievement be put to use? As if wishing to pursue his unspoken, logical train of thought, he recommends that the continuation of experimentation with one of the sterilisation-drugs which were being used by the Nazi doctors would be perfectly in order.

The profound and immeasurable silence of the medical profession in regard to the German doctors does not find its foundation on a lack of knowledge about what happened.

Today, sterilisations as well as euthanasia are encouraged for eugenic reasons by medical people, mainly psychiatrists, but of course now dressed in different garb. **** Just as the master builders of T4 went underground after the war and later emerged as members of the WFMH, so also did their ideals and their interests.

Eugenics has made a comeback as a so-called experimental field whose products are test-tube babies, artificial insemination, and the like. Articles in the popular press, about artificial insemination and genetic engineering in the future, are very common today. Sterilisation has been resuscitated as part of the Planned Parenthood Programme. Whereas formerly one heard the cry, "If we don't do something soon we'll be inundated by people", and Malthus proclaimed, "If we don t control birth we'll run out of supplies of food", nowadays the call goes out, "If we don't start using birth control, we won t have anywhere to stand". The melody is the same, only the words have changed.

Euthanasia has surfaced again as a charitable organisation dispensing "Death with Dignity", a new euphemism, with the aim of giving a person who is in a state of health which precludes any chance of being cured the opportunity of letting himself be killed, but of course only when he is complete agreement with the measure. In the case of mental unbalance, a relative can give consent. Once again the first signs of forced euthanasia are becoming visible, aimed at the mentally ill.

Should anyone be interested in getting a picture of the current situation, he should have a look around his home country, and at neighbouring ones, for he will surely find something along the lines of:

A (national) association for Mental Health

A Eugenics society or group

Some type of Abortion Reform League

An association for Voluntary Sterilisation

An association for Voluntary Euthanasia

If the members and committees of these associations are then cross-checked, he will see that:

Many names cross-check

A large percentage of the members of branches 3, 4, and 5 above stem from sections 1 and 2.

They constantly carry on mutual complementary propaganda. Take Great Britain as a concrete example. The directorate of the Abortion Law Reform Association is comprised of:

Prof. Glanville Williams NAMH supporter and member of the Eugenics Society. Sir Julian Huxley NAMH supporter, an officer of the Eugenics Society and of the Euthanasia Society.

Baroness Stocks member of the NAMH Galton Lecturer.

Dr Eliot Slater member of the Eugenics Society - and many others.

The Executive Committee of the Euthanasia Society:

Lord Adrian member of the NAMH and of the Eugenics Society.

Prof. Glanville Williams member of the NAMH and of the Eugenics Society.

Sir Julian Huxley member of the NAMH and of the Eugenics Society.

On the executive committee of the Birth Control Campaign figure among others:

Prof. Eliot Slater member of the Eugenics Society.

Baroness Stocks member of the NAMH and of the Eugenics Society.

Prof. Glanville Williams member of the Eugenics Society and of the NAMH.

Why this should be, the author doesn't know, but it is the medical men of such groups who provide the "scientific" rationale and methodology to justify and achieve the desired ends. ***** In the U.S.A. in 1968 a voluntary euthanasia bill was introduced in Florida and an eminent surgeon and member of the American Medical Association - AMA - argued the case for it:

A bill to be entitled

An act relating to the right to die with dignity; providing an effective date.

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

Section 1. All natural persons are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among them the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty, to be permitted to die with dignity, to pursue happiness, to be rewarded for industry, and to acquire possess and protect property. No person shall be deprived of any right because of race religion or national origin.

Section 2. Any person with the same formalities as required by law for the execution of a last will and testament, may execute a document directing that he shall have the right to death with dignity, and that his life shall not be prolonged beyond the point of a meaningful existence.

Section 3. in the event any person is unable to make such a decision because of mental or physical incapacity, a spouse or person or persons of first degree kinship shall be allowed to make such a decision, provided written consent is obtained from:

The spouse or person of first degree kinship or

in the event of two (2) persons of first degree kinship both such persons or

in the event of three (3) or more persons of first degree kinship the majority of those persons.

Section 4. If any person is disabled and there is no kinship as provided in section 3, death with dignity shall be granted any person if in the opinion of three (3) physicians the prolongation of life is meaningless.

Section 5. Any document executed hereunder must be recorded with the clerk of the circuit court in order to be effective.

Section 6. This act shall take effect upon becoming law.

Fortunately this bill was not passed, and so far the AMA has been silent on the whole issue, but judging by the silence with which the German atrocities were met I can safety predict that the AMA will soon be unofficially espousing the cause of voluntary euthanasia.

In 1935 the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association observed that the average doctor frequently faced the problem (of euthanasia) when it was a matter between him and his patient and he could decide in his own way without any interference.

The principles and practices are exactly the same as those that the Nazi psychiatrists used. One British expert recently arguing the case for euthanasia even went so tar as to say that certain defectives are a burden to themselves and others (the State perhaps) and therefore should be put out of their misery.

South Africa

With the full support of the South African Council for Mental Health and the Association of Neurologists and Psychiatrists, South Africa, which is heavily inclined in this direction anyway, will have sterilisation laws introduced before long. At this time heavy propaganda for sterilisation is being promoted there as a continuation of S. Africa's early history. In 1930 H.B. Fantham, Professor of Zoology at Witwatersrand, wrote in Child Welfare Magazine:

"...there must be limitations of multiplication of those definitely inferior or below average in inborn good qualities. In South Africa there must be limitations of the `poor white' element."

In 1934 Dr. P.W. Laidler, Medical Officer for Health of East London, wrote an article for the "S.A. Tydskrif vir Geneeskundiges" called for a South African sterilisation law "on the lines of Germany". Some interesting quotes from his article:

"It is the white man's deficients who drag him down."

"The prevention of family is essential where stock is poor."

"A lessening of the increase of the unfit would lighten the tax payer's burden."

"We are overburdened with poor of normal minds and defectives. Possibly we are overburdened with better class minds."

"Man continues to load himself with a burden of deficients."

In October 1971 as this book was being written, Dr. Troskie an Executive member of the South African Medical and Dental Council called for the merciless elimination of weak genetic elements. He proposed the formation of a Genetic Committee composed of a judge and medical, sociological and religious experts to:

"prevent those parents from leaving a burden on society. The committee will make the decision for them."

This is apparently not a new idea in South Africa, as several groups are involved in a debate over whether there should be compulsory or voluntary sterilisation, and now a group of sociologists intend to approach the Prime Minister about the problem.

The parallel between Nazi Germany and modern South Africa is very close.


The Rockefeller institute that backs the AMA has produced devastating results at home and overseas. It was Rockefeller who financed the foundation of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, and gave Professor Rüdin one whole floor of the building for his genetic research in the 20's. The German Mental Hygiene Movement was heavily subsidised by Rockefeller and thereby put into a healthy position to continue its aims and objectives to the bitter end. Further it was Dr. Alexis Carrel of the Rockefeller institute and a Nobel Prize Winner who so loudly applauded the actions of the Germans and blatantly advocated the mass murder of mental patients and prisoners.

*****Currently in the U.S. the psychiatric profession is making extensive use of prisoners as experimental material for medical experiments with AMA approval. The Rockefeller family continues to subsidise the Medical-Psychiatric professors and one of the Rockefellers is on the Board of the American National Association for Mental Health. In 1970 in Hawaii, a bill was introduced the exact wording of which was:

A Bill for an Act Relating to Population Control.

Section 1:

The legislation finds

that population growth is the most serious and most challenging problem for mankind today;

that the time necessary for the population of the world to double is now about thirty-five years;

that the "death rate solution" by war famine or pestilence is an unacceptable destructive solution to the problem of birth control;

that population control is an acceptable humanitarian solution to the problem of population growth. The purpose of this Act is to control the population size of this State by a program of birth regulation.

Section 2:

Every physician attending a woman resident of this State at the time she is giving birth in the State shall, it the woman has two or more living children, perform such medical technique or operation as will render the woman sterile. Section 3:

This Act shall take effect on July 1, 1971.

Even amongst our neighbours trends in this direction can be recognised. In Switzerland it was Dr. André Repond who had applauded Germany's efforts, and had been so proud of his own work in ensuring that only eugenically sound marriages took place in one of the Swiss cantons.

The question of euthanasia and sterilisation are not problems of yesterday to be discussed at club-meetings or amongst intellectuals as philosophic or historic subjects. The psychiatrists as strong as ever, have begun to agitate more and more loudly for the right to sterilise and kill.

In July 1972 Dr. T.L. Pilkington in "The Practitioner" called for yet further murders to be committed.

"...there seem to be clear indications that technologically developed nations will be rapidly obliged to review the complexity of the life that they create, embark on a modern eugenic programme designed to steepen the tail of the graph of the normal I.Q. distribution below 100 or consider some form of legalised euthanasia. It is possible, of course, that the final `solution' will combine all these with increasing methods of specific prevention.

The Death March has again begun. meold.html


> r/useless.html


Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

Section 1. All natural persons are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among them the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty, to be permitted to die with dignity, to pursue happiness, to be rewarded for industry, and to acquire possess and protect property. No person shall be deprived of any right because of race religion or national origin.

This is, of course, the act that became the "law" that worked feverishly to murder Terri Schiavo to set a precedent. Terri had no "rights" under their high-faluting double-talking Babylonian code, which is the law of the land, except to be murdered by the State, including the duplicitious Federal Government, and her ever-loving [NOT!] husband. There is STRONG evidence, ignored by the Satanic, Masonic, [Noachide?] police, lawyers, and judges, that Terri's husband PUT her in her condition. And lest you believe the propaganda that Terri was in a persistent vegetative state, you should know that the morning before they pulled her feeding tube [which WAS NOT NECESSARY because Terri had swallowed Jello her brother and sister had to sneak into her, upon which discovering, her 'loving' husband had them banned from the room], she was told what her "loving" husband had gotten permission to do, and told, "Terri, you could end all this if you could just say 'I want to live'. Terri then began saying VERY LOUDLY, "I WAAA...., I WAAA...., I WAAA.....", which is the best she could do, since her "loving" husband had used all her rehabilitation money to pay his euthanasia lawyer to KILL HER.

"....Segment 4: 1940 — 1960

Hitler and World War II... Jews in Europe and Russia... the Bund... Kristallnacht... no asylum... the St. Louis... Hitler's Final Solution... American Zionism reborn... Jewish scientists flee to America, work for US military effort, atom bomb... Einstein, Szilard, Teller, Oppenheimer, Fermi, Rabi... 550,000....." 350 YEARS OF JEWS IN AMERICA

http://www.heritagevision. org/350/segments.htm


Secret US Human Biological Experimentation The GAO report notes that the off- site population was not forewarned [nor] made aware of the [test] ... Nonconsensual Medical Experiments on Human Beings ... nt.htm

Aids; The Manufactured Virus The flowchart links every scientific paper, medical experiment and US contract. ... in an experiment to test its ability to infect human populations with ...

Rockefeller, Nazis, The UN, & GenocideIn 1943, Otmar Verschuer's assistant Josef Mengele was made medical commandant of ... POPULATION CONTROL AND THE UN tm ... genociderockefellernazis2apr03.shtml

Mind Control-The Ultimate Terror We've heard about the inhumane medical experiments performed on ... country with the hidden purpose of exerting mind control over the entire population. ...

The USA has a long history of human experimentation from the ...Ray Ravenhott, director of the population program of the ... from this experiment. However, none of the human subjects in the building were ever asked for ... >

Search_Willie_Martin_Studies All Words Any Words Exact Phrase ...1955: The CIA, in an experiment to test its ability to infect human populations with biological agents, releases a bacteria withdrawn from the Army's ... Martin/GovExperiments.html

portland imc - 2005.07.29 - The Downing Street Memo and the Rove ...Without interviewing any of our clients or reviewing their medical ... (1955) The CIA, in an experiment to test its ability to infect human populations with ... http://portland.ind > 7/322288.shtml

History Secret Experiments Conducted on US Citizens - Above Top ...1995, US Government admits that it had offered Japanese war criminals and scientists who had performed human medical experiments salaries and immunity from ... http://www.abovetopse > 87/pg1

The Dulce Report: Investigating Alleged Human Rights Abuses at a Joint US ... range of high-risk medical procedures and mind control experiments designed to ... -

Why Americans are SHEEPLES: FLUORIDE | http://100777.comIt was there that one of the most notorious human radiation experiments of the Cold War took ... Population Control on.htm ...

Organic Consumers Association - Educating for Health, Justice, and ...ALERT: EPA TO ALLOW PESTICIDE TESTING ON ORPHANS & MENTALLY HANDICAPPED CHILDREN ... 2/8 - EPA Avoids Regulation of Chemical Experiments on Humans ... epa6.cfm


The Jews' holiest book, the Babylonian Talmud, exposes the fact that Jews have always looked on non-Jews as vermin to be used, abused, and exterminated. I just heard about a new tool in their little bag of tricks:

"Public Extermination Project


A specific public works project became "classified" following 911. This project, which has been on-going throughout the U.S., has lethal capabilities for innocent U.S. citizens.

There has been intensive media attention since 911 to the resultant war on terrorism and our aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. The media has, however, failed to report a shocking post 911 “project” here in the U.S.

Following 911, there began intensive and concentrated infrastructure work that has lethal capabilities and intent. In an extremely non-forthcoming governmental atmosphere, I have been able to document a small portion of this work, which was ongoing in Los Angeles County in the spring of 2004.

Through the use of t-valves, the government can regulate, on an individualized, residence by residence basis, the introduction of another substance into the water lines. As fluoride goes in at the plant, we are not dealing with the capability to add fluoride. It is quite a bit more nefarious than that....."

http://www.thep > /news/public_extermination.htm

Joyce Phelan was supposed to host a radio expose of this on Monday, August 21, 2006:

Janet C. Phelan will be interviewed by Will Wilson on "All Day Live" on Monday August 21, 2006 at 10:30 pm West Coast time webcast disclosing her newest finding on how the Elitist are planning to mass eliminate most of the North American populations any way that they can.

>;article=103767;title=AP FN

Maybe there's a transcript?


from the thread "Coral Ridge Ministries Answers Anti-Defamation League Blast Against New Darwin-Hitler TV Special" bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=33022&Disp=1#C1

Coral Ridge Ministries issued a call today for “more history and less hysteria” in response to harsh, unfounded Anti-Defamation League accusations leveled against a new Coral Ridge Ministries produced television special linking Charles Darwin to Adolf Hitler.

The special, Darwin’s Deadly Legacy, which airs August 26 and 27 nationwide features historians and scholars who connect the dots between Hitler and the ideas penned by Darwin in his On the Origin of Species and later works.

When ADL National Director Abe Foxman, who has not viewed our television program, calls it “twisted” and asserts that “Hitler did not need Darwin to devise his heinous plan to exterminate the Jewish people,” he ignores the historical fact that Adolf Hitler was an evolutionist...."

one of the signers of the infamous Balfour Declaration, to give Palestine to the Jews, was an honorary member of the Eugenics movement?

"....Hon. Members

The Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, P.C. ...."

The Men Behind Hitler pend2.html

You will also find on that page, as an honorary member:

Her Grace, The Duchess Or Marlborough.

You should also know that the British Monarchy likes to pretend that they are descended from King David, and that they are, in fact, through intermarriage, considered in some ranks to be mostly "Jewish":

JEWISH INROADS INTO BRITISH ROYALTY UP TO THE YEAR 1937. It has long been one of the Jewish methods in the attainment of ... .au/jewish.htm

and this:

"....Prior to 1933 anti-Jewish acts by the Nazis had no legal basis under the Constitution. After the seizure of power a stream of anti-Jewish legislation commenced. Initially these were concerned with compulsory retirement of "non-Aryan" government employees, attempts to define "non-Aryan", and questionnaires to civil servants for details of their racial background. Also during this period "spontaneous" harassment of the Jews continued but this was largely disapproved of by the Party leaders who preferred to solve the question legally. Even Julius Streicher, the notorious and obscene Jew-baiter publicly condemned the use of non-legal methods going so far as to accuse the perpetrators of being Jews themselves !

The climax of the initial steps was reached in the Nuremberg Party Day celebrations on September 15th 1935 when Goering, to the acclaim of the assembled Nazi officials, read out what have become known as the "Nuremberg Laws". Already preceded by an assortment of citizenship laws beginning in 1933, the two new laws were sharply to the point. The first, the Reich Law of Citizenship, divided the German nation into classes of citizens, those who were merely subjects of the State and those who possessed full citizenship including political rights. [NOTE: we have a similar situation with COMMON LAW [CONSTITUTIONAL] CITIZENS and 14TH AMENDMENT [NON-RATIFIED, UNCONSTITUTIONAL] CITIZENS, the former being "enemy #1" in this case.] Based on racial and ideological grounds this law, with one stroke, placed all Jews into the category of second-class citizens. [NOTE: like the NOAHIDE LAWS do today!]

The law "For the Protection of German Blood and German Honour" [the second of the Nuremberg laws and called the "Blood Protection Law" for short] was intended to ensure the racial purity of the nation for all time. Fundamentally it made criminal any sexual intercourse between both these new groups the "Reich Citizens" and the "Subjects" but it was aimed specifically at the Jews. Apart from that, this law also served as a basis for further isolation of the socially undesirable in the following years.

It goes without saying that Ernst Rüdin unblushingly claimed for the German Racial Hygiene and Eugenic Movement a measure of responsibility for the inspiration of these Laws. The aim of racial hygiene was to create a fictitious Aryan race. In accordance with this all "non-Aryan" elements had to be rooted out. Apart from having a wrong combination of chromosomes, it also seems to have been a "non-Aryan" trait to have or to be of a different opinion. Consequently, all minorities fell into this category, and liquidation, with the exception of the Jews who were declared scapegoats, started with the smallest groups and worked up from there. Because of this, the larger minorities were left with the belief that it never would be their turn. If the Nazis had started from the other end, everyone would have known that it was to be everyone's neck and they could have united themselves against this procedure when the Nazis were not yet firmly established.

Amongst the minorities that were considered "non-Aryan" were included the Gypsies, Free-masons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews and Christians. A common denominator of these religions and ideological minorities is that they all strongly believed in something spiritual and mental and oriented their lives according to this belief. They were unlikely to respond to a psychiatric dreamworld and therefore found no place in the psychiatric view of life."


...and this:

"...During the war the name of Eugenics became even more heavily associated with the Nazis and consequently afterwards a whitewashing procedure began, the first step of which was the reconstitution of the various National Councils of Mental Hygiene. The first to be re-founded was the British National Association for Mental Health. But before we go into detail on this a bit of history is important.

Montagu Norman had been Governor of the Bank of England for many years. He and his right hand man Otto Niemeyer (of German origin) had persistently backed the re-arming of Germany made loans to Germany and encouraged the financiers of the City of London to do the same. Norman supported and financed Germany's cause right up until the Declaration of War....."

MEN BEHIND HITLER > r/phoenix.html

[And Grandfather Prescott Bush continued financing the Nazis throughout the war. That's how the Bush Crime Family first became wealthy.]

....and this:

".... The International Jewish plan to move their money market to the United States was what the American people did rot want. We have the warning of history as to what this means. It has meant in turn that Spain, Venice, Germany or Great Britain received the blame or suspicion of the world for what the Jewish financiers have done. It is a most important consideration that most of the national animosities that exist today arose out of resentment against what Jewish money power did under the camouflage of national names.

"The British did this," "The Germans did this," when it was the International Jew who did it, the nations being but the marked spaces on his checker board. Today, around the world the blaming word is heard, "The United States did this. If it were not for the United States the world would be in a better shape. The Americans are a sordid, greedy, cruel people."

Why? Because the Jewish money power is centered here and is making money out of both our immunity and Europe's distress, playing one against the other; and because so many so-called "American business men" abroad today are not Americans at all - they are Jews.

Citizens wake up with a start to find that even the white nations are hardly allowed to see each other nowadays except through Jewish eyes. Great Britain and France seldom see a special American spokesman who is not a Jew. That may be the reason why they reciprocate by sending Jews to us, thinking perhaps that we prefer them. "

Chapter 1.

JEWISH HISTORY IN THE UNITED STATES [great read! short!] .au/ij_ch1.htm

"Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by *****the hidden hand." -- Benjamin Disraeli

[great links!] http://www.biblebelievers.or

And there you have it, the "hidden hand".......

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***** quoting Maimonides: 'And it is permissible to try out a drug on a heathen, if this serves a purpose'; and this is repeated also by the famous R. Moses Isserles.

Frenchmen Say Guantanamo Detention Was Like Hell

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Jul 30, 2:52 PM (ET)

By Laure Bretton PARIS (Reuters) - Two Frenchmen described as hell Friday their more than two years of detention in the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, their lawyer said after meeting them for the first time.

Mourad Benchellali and Nizar Sassi had concerns "about the interrogation techniques and medical experiments" at Guantanamo, Jacques Debray said outside the headquarters of the DST domestic intelligence service where the two men were being questioned.

A letter from Sassi said "bizarre" medicines had been given to inmates at night and that one caused some prisoners to break out in spots, Debray told reporters. He gave no other details........|top|07-30- 2004::15:08|reuters.html

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