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Source: [None]
URL Source: http://www.halturnershow.com/AmeroCoinArrives.html
Published: Sep 5, 2007
Author: Hal Turner
Post Date: 2007-09-05 10:24:08 by christine
Keywords: None
Views: 17113
Comments: 85

Three weeks ago, I published a brief snippet on the front page of my web site reporting the governments of the US Canada and Mexico are conspiring in secret to merge the three nations into a new entity called the North American Union.

There has been much talk of this on various internet blogs for over a year. Most of those blogs have been smeared as "conspiracy theorists" and have been largely ignored by the main stream.

What prompted my interest in the issue was money: I was sent professional images of actual AMERO coins by someone in the US Treasury! The person included a note saying they like my radio show and are frightened by what's been going on in secret within our government.

This Treasury Department person was outraged that our country was beginning to coin money as part of a merger that would do away with our country, via a merger the American public knew nothing about!

When I got the professional images of the AMERO coin, I was finally intrigued enough to make mention of it on my web site. My site has gotten over 20 Million visits in the last couple years and is becoming more popular because of the brutal honesty and timely delivery of news that folks don't find elsewhere. This story about AMERO coins would fit my niche of breaking news, so I ran a snippet of a story.

As part of my report, I included the professional images sent to me by the Treasury person. They appear below:

The story went on to say that the US Government has intentionally overspent itself for the purpose of irreversibly Bankrupting the country. The idea is that they will drive the country into economic failure, then when millions of Americans are panicking at the prospect, offer them a solution of merging the three countries as "the only possible way" to avoid losing everything.

They will force Canada into the merger by telling them the US currency they hold and rely upon will be worthless and the only way Canada can even hope to salvage any of the funds is to join the NAU.

They will sell it to the Mexican people by saying it will instantly improve their buying-power and quality of life.

In reality, the value of the US and Canadian dollars will be significantly reduced to counter the worthless peso being absorbed. People in the US and Canada will suffer great financial loss while Mexicans will see significant gain. In the meantime, the financial elite and the politicians they own will make out like bandits!

That's the reason politicians are doing this: to get rich for themselves and their financial elite pals.

The folks in power within government and their buddies in Banking and finance know that in any currency switch, some lose big while others gain big. Really big! In fact, folks with foreknowledge of such a switch can make hundreds-of-millions, perhaps even billions for themselves overnight. Those without foreknowledge (common folks like you and me) usually end up being wiped out.


I published the images and the small story and went to bed. I had no idea what my little story would do.

Within a matter of hours, there was a full blown effort to discredit my story and the images as fake.

I was accused of lying. I was accused of having "photoshopped" the images by creating them in Adobe Photoshop.

Within a couple days, a basic web site for AMERO "FANTASY COINS" was erected on the internet and word of that site was spread quickly. The site contained the same images as I had run on my front page, so clearly whatever "SPIN" was happening was being driven by others who also had the professional images.

There was intense effort to claim the whole idea of these coins was a fantasy and there was absolutely no truth to them whatsoever. That effort to "spin" the story out of existence worked. Folks quickly lost interest. I did not.

Get me the real thing by any means necessary

I reached out to the person in the Treasury who first alerted me to the coins. That person told me "The shit hit the fan around here when your story ran." The person went on to say "They told everyone in all the Mints that anyone revealing information about the AMERO would be fired and perhaps even criminally prosecuted for endangering national security."

Ahhhh yes, the grand old catch-all of national security. When they wheel that one out, you just KNOW they're pissed off about something!

I told the Treasury person that the only way anyone might believe this is happening, is for me to actually get one of the coins. The Treasury guy balked. He said "there's no way to get one without stealing it."

I though about that for a moment. . . . . then decided that if my government is concealing the actual Minting of coins for a new sovereign entity which may end up with power over me, but which I haven't been told about, then that government deserves whatever gets done to it.

I told the Treasury person to get me an Amero by any means necessary - even if that meant stealing it. The Treasury person said it would require them to think about for awhile and if it could be done, I would get one in the mail.

I waited. And waited. Frankly, after about three weeks, I lost track of the story -- until today. A real AMERO coin arrived at my home in the mail this afternoon!

The real thing arrives! Today, I received a single 20 AMERO coin in the mail. A real coin. Real metal, really MINTED by the US Mint in Denver, CO. The proof that it is being Minted in Denver is that the coin is stamped with the Mint Identity letter "D" on the bottom right of the side with the eagle just like regular US coins already in circulation today!


So that you can see this is a real, metal coin, I have made a small video of me holding the coin, turning it, then dropping it on a wooden table top so you can hear what it sounds like when it hits. Download the Windows Media Video here


I stand vindicated. All those who claimed I fabricated the images now owe me an apology. All those who claimed these were "fantasy" coins can now explain why anyone in their right mind would spend Millions of dollars to create the rare and expensive professional dies and plates necessary for minting coins that will not be issued?

The simple truth is, the coins are real. The plan to merge the US, Canada and Mexico is real. Our government is lying about it and the fact they are minting money at the Denver Mint bearing the name of Union of North America is proof.

So America, Canada and Mexico, our governments are betraying us and planning to merge our countries without our knowledge or consent, or by financial disaster they bring-on intentionally. What are we going to do about it?

For my part, the Second Amendment comes to mind.

Click for Full Text!

Poster Comment: Click the link to view the photos and video.

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#3. To: christine (#0)

The video dosen't load. Does Hal have proof that they came from a US Mint other than the D stamp?

Eoghan  posted on  2007-09-05   10:39:29 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#28. To: Eoghan, christine (#3)

The other thing about the coin that set off alarms in my head was the denomination. If an Amero is going to replace the dollar, then the coin would be, in essence, a $100 coin. When did we ever have a coin worth anything close to $100? It would have been one Amero, or five at best.

Critter  posted on  2007-09-05   12:47:45 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#34. To: Critter, Jethro Tull, Eoghan, robnoel (#28)

hmmmm...what i wonder then, was Hal contacted by this U.S. Treasury person or not? further, it's not as if Hal is the only person talking about the plan for the Amero. certainly we know that the SPP and NAU are for real. i remember some months ago Jeffrey Bennett saying that he had gotten it on good authority that banks already had pallets of paper Ameros.

christine  posted on  2007-09-05   12:59:48 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#37. To: christine, Jack Kemp, Arlen Spector, Earl Warren, Hal Turner, all (#34)

It's about the creation of a borderless America folks, not the validity of Turner's coin. Whether he has a scoop or not really isn't important in the larger scheme of things.

The article below is a decade old...

Kemp eyes currency for all of Americas: Envisions hemispheric parallel to euro.(Nation)

The Washington Times

October 27, 1997

Hallow, Ralph Z.

More results for:
kemp united currency

Jack Kemp wants a single currency for the United States and the 33 other nations of the Western Hemisphere.

The former congressman, housing secretary under President Bush, and 1996 GOP vice presidential nominee is touting his idea as the foundation for a low-tariff trade zone from the Arctic Circle to the tip of Tierra del Fuego.

"There would be a common currency linked to the U.S. dollar, and you'd have stable exchange rates as a result," says Mr. Kemp, who first sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1988 and is considering a 2000 bid.

The currency idea sets Mr. Kemp apart in the large field of Republicans itching to make a White House run in three years.

But to some observers, the very words "common currency" smack of world government and the European Community's "euro," the new single currency that by 1999 is supposed to replace the French franc, Italian lira, German mark and other continental currencies.

For many in the political world, the Kemp idea is either lovable or laughable. For some, it's both.

"It may be a splendid idea that could usher in a new millennium of hemispheric or even global prosperity, but I don't see how you campaign on it," says Roland Gunn, a computer-industry lobbyist and former GOP congressional aide. "How do you keep people awake while you explain it?"

Rep. Mark Sanford, a South Carolina Republican and member of the Joint Economic Committee, says, "It doesn't strike me as something that would be politically viable in Congress. Both ends of the political spectrum like national sovereignty, and this would be seen as a threat to sovereignty."

Mr. Kemp does not appear to be wedded to the creation of a new single currency for the hemisphere.

Ask him if a pack of gum bought in Fairfax would require payment in U.S. dollars or a new common currency and he says, "If someone had a peso in Argentina and it were linked to the dollar, then you wouldn't care if it's a peso or a dollar."

Does that mean he really wants to see the dollar no longer printed and a new hemispheric money in its place? "No, I am very much for the sovereignty of the American dollar," he says.

Mr. Kemp, long a student of monetary policy, believes the United States and the entire hemisphere would see profound benefits from his proposal.

"A hemispheric free-trade zone would allow goods and services to cross borders [more freely] from the tip of Chile to the top of Canada," he says. "It would expand the growth of our economy and theirs."

He also says "part of our hemispheric immigration problem is related to the economies of some parts of Latin America."

If the dollar were linked to a modern version of the gold standard, every North, Central and South American country would peg its currency to the dollar, he argues. The resulting economic growth would mean fewer of their nationals would seek jobs in the United States through legal or illegal immigration.

"It's not the only answer, but part of the answer," he says.

But Mr. Sanford, a former investment banker, counters, "The South American currencies already are pegged to our dollar."

Economist Lawrence Kudlow, whom Mr. Kemp often cites, agrees and says that Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan already has linked the dollar unofficially to an updated form of the gold standard.

Whether Mr. Kemp's single-currency idea makes a suitable centerpiece for a presidential campaign platform is another matter in the view of some GOP leaders.

"It might appeal to the sophisticated businessmen who has an interest in foreign trade," says David Opitz, Wisconsin's Republican Party chairman. "But for the mainstream voter we have to appeal to, perhaps we have to have a more mainstream message, like a flat tax or eliminating the IRS."

Still, for Mr. Kemp, his common-currency idea constitutes a big-picture approach.

He says, "It is going to take leadership from the U.S., because only we can provide the leadership to re-establish a hemispheric and global monetary regime in which there is stability, credibility and integrity for our currency."

Jethro Tull  posted on  2007-09-05   13:10:15 ET  (1 image) Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#42. To: Jethro Tull (#37)

Still, for Mr. Kemp, his common-currency idea constitutes a big-picture approach.

Many people do not believe in "incrementalism"

Kemp and others have been sowing the seed for years.

"Main Entry: in·cre·men·tal·ism Pronunciation: "i[ng]-kr&-'men-t&-"li-z&m Function: noun : a policy or advocacy of a policy of political or social change by degrees : GRADUALISM - in·cre·men·tal·ist /-t&-list/ noun"

Cynicom  posted on  2007-09-05   13:22:02 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#43. To: Cynicom (#42)

Kemp and others have been sowing the seed for years.


More from our friends in the MSM.

A Common Currency for North America?

USA Today (Magazine)

April 1, 2000

More results for:
common north american currency

The idea of North America adopting a common currency similar to the Euro may sound far-fetched, but a survey by Coinstar Inc. shows many Americans support it. "The Coinstar National Currency Poll: A Periodic Look at Americans and Their Money" found that 43% would favor such a currency agreement among the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The same survey also found that 25% of respondents would favor U.S. adoption of the Euro.

These findings, which may indicate a movement by Americans to accept a more global economy, are remarkable for several reasons. "Americans are as proud of the dollar and our country's enviable economy as they are of the flag, the National Anthem, and the Statue of Liberty," notes Jens Molbak, founder and CEO of Coinstar Inc. For them "to indicate such a high level of interest in a common currency, though surprising, may be a sign that the fear of interacting economically with other countries is dwindling as our economy becomes ever more global and international travel becomes more common."

The appeal of a common currency is particularly evident among women. Forty-seven percent were in favor of a common currency for North America, compared with 38% of men. When asked about adopting the Euro, 29% of women indicated they liked the idea, while 20% of men did.

When survey participants were asked about their feelings toward loose change, results showed they dislike counting and handling it so much that they would accept a lesser amount of money in bills instead. Given the choice between a $50 bill or $55 in loose change, 68% would take the $50 bill. Even when the difference in paper vs. change was increased from $5 to $15 as survey participants were asked to choose between $65 in change or a $50 bill, 32% said they would still take a lesser amount to avoid the loose change.

Americans' tendency to avoid handling loose change is further demonstrated by the number of them who neglect to count the change they receive from a cash transaction. Thirty-four percent of respondents indicated they rarely count their change immediately following a cash purchase, compared to 47% who said they always do so before leaving the store. The most diligent change counters are those age 65 and over; 57% say they always check to make sure they have been given the correct change.

In favor    43% 
Opposed     53% 
Undecided    4%

Jethro Tull  posted on  2007-09-05   13:28:10 ET  (1 image) Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

Replies to Comment # 43.

        There are no replies to Comment # 43.

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