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Source: [None]
URL Source: http://www.halturnershow.com/AmeroCoinArrives.html
Published: Sep 5, 2007
Author: Hal Turner
Post Date: 2007-09-05 10:24:08 by christine
Keywords: None
Views: 17117
Comments: 85

Three weeks ago, I published a brief snippet on the front page of my web site reporting the governments of the US Canada and Mexico are conspiring in secret to merge the three nations into a new entity called the North American Union.

There has been much talk of this on various internet blogs for over a year. Most of those blogs have been smeared as "conspiracy theorists" and have been largely ignored by the main stream.

What prompted my interest in the issue was money: I was sent professional images of actual AMERO coins by someone in the US Treasury! The person included a note saying they like my radio show and are frightened by what's been going on in secret within our government.

This Treasury Department person was outraged that our country was beginning to coin money as part of a merger that would do away with our country, via a merger the American public knew nothing about!

When I got the professional images of the AMERO coin, I was finally intrigued enough to make mention of it on my web site. My site has gotten over 20 Million visits in the last couple years and is becoming more popular because of the brutal honesty and timely delivery of news that folks don't find elsewhere. This story about AMERO coins would fit my niche of breaking news, so I ran a snippet of a story.

As part of my report, I included the professional images sent to me by the Treasury person. They appear below:

The story went on to say that the US Government has intentionally overspent itself for the purpose of irreversibly Bankrupting the country. The idea is that they will drive the country into economic failure, then when millions of Americans are panicking at the prospect, offer them a solution of merging the three countries as "the only possible way" to avoid losing everything.

They will force Canada into the merger by telling them the US currency they hold and rely upon will be worthless and the only way Canada can even hope to salvage any of the funds is to join the NAU.

They will sell it to the Mexican people by saying it will instantly improve their buying-power and quality of life.

In reality, the value of the US and Canadian dollars will be significantly reduced to counter the worthless peso being absorbed. People in the US and Canada will suffer great financial loss while Mexicans will see significant gain. In the meantime, the financial elite and the politicians they own will make out like bandits!

That's the reason politicians are doing this: to get rich for themselves and their financial elite pals.

The folks in power within government and their buddies in Banking and finance know that in any currency switch, some lose big while others gain big. Really big! In fact, folks with foreknowledge of such a switch can make hundreds-of-millions, perhaps even billions for themselves overnight. Those without foreknowledge (common folks like you and me) usually end up being wiped out.


I published the images and the small story and went to bed. I had no idea what my little story would do.

Within a matter of hours, there was a full blown effort to discredit my story and the images as fake.

I was accused of lying. I was accused of having "photoshopped" the images by creating them in Adobe Photoshop.

Within a couple days, a basic web site for AMERO "FANTASY COINS" was erected on the internet and word of that site was spread quickly. The site contained the same images as I had run on my front page, so clearly whatever "SPIN" was happening was being driven by others who also had the professional images.

There was intense effort to claim the whole idea of these coins was a fantasy and there was absolutely no truth to them whatsoever. That effort to "spin" the story out of existence worked. Folks quickly lost interest. I did not.

Get me the real thing by any means necessary

I reached out to the person in the Treasury who first alerted me to the coins. That person told me "The shit hit the fan around here when your story ran." The person went on to say "They told everyone in all the Mints that anyone revealing information about the AMERO would be fired and perhaps even criminally prosecuted for endangering national security."

Ahhhh yes, the grand old catch-all of national security. When they wheel that one out, you just KNOW they're pissed off about something!

I told the Treasury person that the only way anyone might believe this is happening, is for me to actually get one of the coins. The Treasury guy balked. He said "there's no way to get one without stealing it."

I though about that for a moment. . . . . then decided that if my government is concealing the actual Minting of coins for a new sovereign entity which may end up with power over me, but which I haven't been told about, then that government deserves whatever gets done to it.

I told the Treasury person to get me an Amero by any means necessary - even if that meant stealing it. The Treasury person said it would require them to think about for awhile and if it could be done, I would get one in the mail.

I waited. And waited. Frankly, after about three weeks, I lost track of the story -- until today. A real AMERO coin arrived at my home in the mail this afternoon!

The real thing arrives! Today, I received a single 20 AMERO coin in the mail. A real coin. Real metal, really MINTED by the US Mint in Denver, CO. The proof that it is being Minted in Denver is that the coin is stamped with the Mint Identity letter "D" on the bottom right of the side with the eagle just like regular US coins already in circulation today!


So that you can see this is a real, metal coin, I have made a small video of me holding the coin, turning it, then dropping it on a wooden table top so you can hear what it sounds like when it hits. Download the Windows Media Video here


I stand vindicated. All those who claimed I fabricated the images now owe me an apology. All those who claimed these were "fantasy" coins can now explain why anyone in their right mind would spend Millions of dollars to create the rare and expensive professional dies and plates necessary for minting coins that will not be issued?

The simple truth is, the coins are real. The plan to merge the US, Canada and Mexico is real. Our government is lying about it and the fact they are minting money at the Denver Mint bearing the name of Union of North America is proof.

So America, Canada and Mexico, our governments are betraying us and planning to merge our countries without our knowledge or consent, or by financial disaster they bring-on intentionally. What are we going to do about it?

For my part, the Second Amendment comes to mind.

Click for Full Text!

Poster Comment: Click the link to view the photos and video.

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Begin Trace Mode for Comment # 84.

#70. To: christine, Jethro Tull, richard9151, Cynicom, (#0)

I think I figured out a way that this could all have been an innocent mistake on Hal's part, and if my scenario is possible then I have to eat some humble pie.

Does the Denver Mint take private contracts to mint coins? If it does, it could be that a treasury worker saw them, not knowing they were private production, and became concerned enough to contact Turner.

Critter  posted on  2007-09-06   9:48:34 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#73. To: Critter, christine, robin, Zipporah, rowdee, lodwick.Jethro Tull (#70) (Edited)

I posted this on Hal's chat board:

"That coin was cast, not stamped.

Its poor quality and design (not to mention the absence of reeding around the edge) is not something an American mint would ever produce. (The milling or reeding around the edge of our coins would be difficult to cast in perfect detail, at least in pewter. Molten gold is possibly ductile enough to fill all the little grooves, but, that would be a ridiculous solution to a non existent problem and this coin sure ain't gold!)

Here's the proof! Those little stars (or whatever) around the edge of this coin would be nearly impossible to stamp into a blank. The blanks (called planchets) would either have to be smaller than the collar (the other half of a stamping die set) or, pressure would have to be applied to each little star, with each having a separate, floating, star-shaped die around the circumference of the coin (a ridiculous solution to a non existent problem) or if the stars are fixed (the way the rest of a stamping die is) the under sized planchets would be distorted by the hundreds of tons of hydraulic pressure used to stamp the face and back of the coin. They'd be egg shaped and would resemble anything but a professionally minted coin.

Although I believe that The Amero and the NAU are real, that coin is not. It's a cheap, cast novelty using the lost wax process and I'd bet my autographed picture of Sgt York's mother on that.

I'd also bet that it's made of cheap pot metal and would melt completely inside of 30 seconds if heated with a propane or MAPP gas torch.

So, to summarize, the edge of this coin would involve a complete retooling of the mint to replace the reeding of our coins, and it would require a real Rube Goldberg of a machine to stamp those stars into the edge. (with each little star requiring its own hydraulic press). Try to picture all of those presses arranged in a circular pattern, and ask yourself "Why did the mint replace the historical reeding that can be stamped along with the rest of the coin?"

The answer is, They didn't!

These coins are cast like jewelry using the lost wax process. This is how these companies make souvenir coins for their customers, as well as medals such as The Purple Heart which are also cast.

Do a search on the JANVIER REDUCING LATHE, and then ask, "Why turn out such a cheesy looking coin when it's possible to create and then mint works of art (like the ST. GAUDENS DOUBLE EAGLE) that would be more likely to inspire the confidence of an entire continent?" Jim | 09.06.07 - 11:05 am | #"

HOUNDDAWG  posted on  2007-09-06   10:42:36 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#77. To: HOUNDDAWG (#73)

oh good. let us know if you get any response.

christine  posted on  2007-09-06   11:45:04 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#79. To: christine (#77)

oh good. let us know if you get any response.

I don't believe that Hal is intentionally misleading anyone.

But, he may find that his "friend" at the treasury has played a cruel hoax on him for the purpose of discrediting him.

One never knows for sure if a govt or bankster type who is supposedly "one of us" is sincere until the indictments are unsealed.

We've all read about these underground cells that have insiders as members, such as police and military brass who sneak in and put on the robe to pledge their loyalty to the revolution.

I wouldn't trust one at all because if they were cornered there's a 50% chance that they'd suddenly become a save ass narc.

I doubt that Hal knows for sure just who he can and cannot trust.

HOUNDDAWG  posted on  2007-09-06   15:19:58 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#82. To: HOUNDDAWG, Cynicom (#79)

In politics NEVER trust anyone you have not personally vetted.

that's not exclusive to politicians. best be on guard with everyone in your life. having just recently been betrayed by "peeps" i thought were principled trusted friends, i'm now very cynical.

christine  posted on  2007-09-06   16:12:30 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#83. To: christine (#82)

that's not exclusive to politicians. best be on guard with everyone in your life. having just recently been betrayed by "peeps" i thought were principled trusted friends, i'm now very cynical.

I'm very sorry to read this, chris.

I know that you and Dr. Veith have committed considerable time, energy and resources to the patriot movement, and to think that you two may be discouraged is very upsetting to me.

The people who are trying to save America and restore our freedom can ill afford to lose you and Bill.

HOUNDDAWG  posted on  2007-09-06   16:31:04 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#84. To: HOUNDDAWG (#83)

thank you, J.

christine  posted on  2007-09-06   16:33:51 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

Replies to Comment # 84.

#85. To: christine, critter, Jethro Tull (#84)

According to Mr. Turner, the Denver Mint has suspended tours of the facility until September 28th due to (get this) construction. Natch, Hal thinks they are using the time to move the Ameros to a more secure location.

who knows what evil  posted on  2007-09-09 21:54:27 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

End Trace Mode for Comment # 84.

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