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Title: Jews: Their Money & Their Control
Source: Real Jew News
URL Source: http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=63
Published: Nov 14, 2007
Author: Br Ntahanael Kapner
Post Date: 2007-11-14 14:29:15 by BroNathanael
Keywords: Jewish Bankers, Rothschild, New World Order
Views: 2413
Comments: 8

A Special Report By Former Jew Br Nathanael Kapner For: Real Jew News @ www.realjewnews.com/ **See Revealing Pics** And Text @ www.realjewnews.com/?p=63

JEWS: THEIR MONEY & THEIR CONTROL - PART I Sources: “Life Of Napoleon,” Sir Walter Scott; “Coningsby,” Benjamin Disraeli; “Pawns In The Game,” by British Intelligence Officer WIlliam Guy Carr.

JEWS ARE THE BANKERS of the world. Banking has been the livelihood of the Jews for centuries. This is because historical Christendom forbad the employing of usury as forbidden in the Bible. Thus it was the Jews who were the money lenders of Christendom. And usury was charged by the Jews to the Gentiles whom the Jews always looked down upon as sub-human and not worthy of Biblical consideration.

THE MODERN AGE OF JEWISH BANKING began with Mayer Amschel Bauer who in 1750 set up the House Of The Red Shield (”House Of Rotschildt”) in Frankfort of the Austria-Hungary Empire in the area called, “Judengasse,” literally “Jew Street.” Mayer Amschel put up a banner on his store front with a Red Shield on it complete with the occult symbol of the so-called Jewish Star of David.

When learning that General von Estorfff, for whom Mayer Rothshcild ran errands when employed as a clerk at the Oppenheimer Bank, was a coin collector, and now attached to the court of Prince Wilhelm IX of Hesse-Cassel, Mayer Rothschild saw an oppurtunity that he coudn’t pass up. By offering valuable coins at discount prices, Mayer Rothschild soon ingratiated himself with the General and soon with Prince Wilhelm IX himself for whom he became the financial court agent.

In June, 1806, when Napoleon’s troops pushed their way into Germany, Prince Wilhelm IX fled to Denmark, leaving his money with Mayer Rothschild. Rothschild secretly buried Wilhelm’s 600,000 pounds ($3,000,000), to keep Napoleon from confiscating it. Mayer Rothschild made good use of his interest free “loan.”

Not long afterwards, Mayer Rothschild sent the ablest of his five Jewish sons, Nathan Rothschild, to establish a bank in London. Mayer Rothschild’s other four Jewish sons, he placed in Frankfort, Paris, Naples, and Vienna.

Developing circumstances allowed the Rothschilds to formulate a plan which would guarantee them the financial control of Europe, and eventually the world. It began with Napoleon’s military campaigns which proved to be a boon to the Rothschild’s banking empire in many ways.

Continental Europe being under siege, London became the financial capital of the world with Nathan Rothschild growing in prominence. His brother Jacob Rothschild, adopting the more elegant first name of “James” was stationed in Paris, where he undermined Napoleon’s empire, effectively channeling needed funds to the Duke of Wellington helping him in his campaigns against Napoleon.

Then the Rothschild’s saw another oppurtunity which they seized upon in their under-handed way. This was by taking advantage of the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo waged between the 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesly and Napoleon. Early in the battle, Napoleon appeared to be winning, and the first military report to London communicated that fact.

But the tide turned in favor of Wellington. On Sunday, June 18, 1815, a courier of Nathan Rothschild named Rothworth brought the news to Nathan Rothschild in London on June 20. This was 24 hours before Wellington’s courier arrived in London with the news of Wellingon’s victory. Seeing this fortuitous event, Nathan Rothschild began spreading the rumor of a British defeat.

With everyone believing that Wellington was defeated, Nathan Rothschild began to sell all of his stock on the English Stock Market. Everyone panicked and also began selling, causing stocks to plummet to practically nothing. At the last minute, Nathan Rothschild began buying up the stocks at rock-bottom prices. This gave the Rothschild family complete control of the British economy, and forced England to set up the Central Bank of England, which Nathan Rothschild controlled.

Following the French securing massive loans in 1817 in order to help rebuild after their disastrous defeat at Waterloo, the Rothschilds saw their chance to get a firm grip on the French economy. Rothschild agents began buying huge amounts of French government bonds, which caused their value to increase. On November 5th, they were dumped on the open market, creating a financial panic as their value declined. Thus, the Rothschilds gained control of France.

These were the beginning of the House of Rothschild, which controlled a fortune estimated to be well over $300,000,000. Soon the Rothschilds spanned Europe with railroads, invested in coal and ironworks, financed England’s purchase of the Suez Canal, paid for oil exploration in Russia and the Sahara Desert, supported Cecil Rhodes’ diamond operations, aided France in creating an empire in Africa, financed the Hapsburg monarchs, and saved the Vatican from bankruptcy.


BACKED BY ROTHSCHILD MONEY, the British declared war on the United States. The Rothschilds’ plan was to cause the United States to build up such a debt in fighting this war that they would have to surrender to the Rothschilds and allow the charter for the Rothschild owned First Bank of the United States, (which in effect was America’s central bank), to be renewed. Thus the Rothschild’s financial control of America was secured.

But in 1833, President Andrew Jackson started removing the government’s deposits from the Rothschilds’ now-called, Second Bank of the United States, and instead deposited them into banks controlled by private American bankers who were not affiliated with the House of Rothschild as the JP Morgan Bank was. President Jackson is known for these famous words against the Rothschilds:

— “You are a den of thieves vipers, and I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out.” —

ON JANUARY 30 1835, AN ASSASSIN tried to shoot President Jackson, but miraculously both of the assassin’s pistols misfired. President Jackson would later claim that he knew the Rothschilds were responsible for the attempted assassination. The assassin, Richard Lawrence, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity, later bragged that powerful people in Europe had hired him and promised to protect him if he were caught.

In the aftermath of President Andrew Jackson’s actions against the Rothchilds, a Prussian Jew by the name of August Belmont, (the son of Simon Schönberg), was sent by James Rothschild II to established a bank in New York City with the intention to represent the House of Rothschild in America. Belmont later started the Interborough Rapid Transit Company, the forerunner of the New York City Subway System.

By 1861, the August Belmont Banking family and the House of Rothschild, were heavily involved in financing both sides in the Civil War. Lincoln put a damper on their activities when, in 1863, he refused to pay the exorbitant rates of interest demanded by the Belmonts and Rothschilds and issued constitutionally-authorized, interest-free United States notes.

Just five days after General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Grant, Lincoln was shot down in cold-blood by John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865. Booth’s grand-daughter, Izola Forrester, states in her book, This One Mad Act, that Booth had been in close contact with mysterious Europeans prior to the slaying and had made at least one trip to Europe.


The answer is simple but will involve much sacrifice:

1. Western Civilization must become “Christian” again. 2. Every person in America and Europe must make a commitment to Christ and regular Church attendance. 3. Christians must tell the Jews that they too must become Christians if they wish to avoid God’s wrath and eternity in hell.

*** This Will Be The Beginning of Breaking Jewry’s World Wide Power ***

End Of Part I Brother Nathanael…Street Evangelist! @ www.brothernathanael.com/

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#1. To: BroNathanael (#0)

What would you have done to a Jew who rejected your imposition of Christianity? You make an implication, but I would very much like to see explicitly what you think should be done.

thoughtomator  posted on  2007-11-14   17:06:53 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: thoughtomator (#1)

I do not wish to impose Christiaity on anyone as God values the free will he created man with. But the Jews are not to get away with maintaining that their religion is just if not more valid than Christianity.

The Messiah has come in the Person of Jesus Christ. The Old Testament prophets predicted His coming before the destruction of the 2nd Temple and many other specific prophecies. The Jews do not even wish to read the Old Testament but rely on the blasphemous, racist Talmud. bn

BroNathanael  posted on  2007-11-16   16:09:58 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: BroNathanael (#0) (Edited)

These were the beginning of the House of Rothschild, which controlled a fortune estimated to be well over $300,000,000. Soon the Rothschilds spanned Europe with railroads, invested in coal and ironworks, financed England’s purchase of the Suez Canal, paid for oil exploration in Russia and the Sahara Desert, supported Cecil Rhodes’ diamond operations, aided France in creating an empire in Africa, financed the Hapsburg monarchs, and saved the Vatican from bankruptcy.

Will part II contain more info on this little tidbit? [i hope]

Eustace Mullins has said that the Vatican is owned by the bankers. I'd love to see this backed up with particulars.

I will never forget the sight of the dying pope JPII, constantly being followed everywhere he went, by a phalanx of men in black suits.


"The Power Of The Rothschilds By Fritz Springmeier

Excerpt - Bloodlines of the Illuminati 8-12-7

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD --connections to JWs, Mormons, and Judaism

It has been said all roads lead to Rome. For this book, it could be said all paths of investigation lead to the Rothschilds. Charles T. Russell, in a 1891 letter to Baron (Lord) Rothschild, mailed from Palestine, outlined possible courses of action that could be taken to establish the Jews in Palestine. Russell's letters praised the Rothschild's money which established Jewish colonies in Palestine. Russell writes Rothschild, "What is needed here, therefore, next to water and cleanliness, is a good government which will protect the poor from the ravenous and the wealthy. Banking institutions on sound bases, and doing business honorably, are also greatly needed " Russell continues, "May the God of Jacob direct you, my dear Sir, and all interested with you in the deliverance and prosperity of Israel, and blessed will they be who, to any extent, yield themselves as his servants in fulfilling his will as predicted."(14) ........................

....CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD--management of the Catholic and Czars' wealth and the capture of the Orthodox Church's wealth.

Early in the 19th century the Pope came to the Rothschilds to borrow money. The Rothschilds were very friendly with the Pope, causing one journalist to sarcasticly say "Rothschild has kissed the hand of the Pope...Order has at last been re-established."39 The Rothschilds in fact over time were entrusted with the bulk of the Vatican's wealth. The Jewish Ency., Vol. 2, p.497states, ,,It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure." Researcher Eustice Mullins writes that the Rothschilds took over all the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church in 1823.(40) Today the large banking and financial business of the Catholic Church is an extensive system interlocked with the Rothschilds and the rest of the International Banking system. The great wealth of the Russian Czars was entrusted to the Rothschilds, $35 million with the Rothschild's Bank of England, and $80 million in the Rothschild's Paris bank. The Rothschilds financed the Russian Revolution which confiscated vast portions of the Orthodox Church's wealth. They have been able to prevent (due to their power) the legitimate heirs of the Czars fortune to withdraw a penny of the millions deposited in a variety of their banks. The Mountbattans, who are related to the Rothschilds, led the court battles to prevent the claimants from withdrawing any of the fortune. In other words, the money they invested in the Russian Revolution, was not only paid back directly by the Bolshevists in millions of dollar of gold, but by grabbing the hugh deposits of the Czars' wealth, the Rothschilds gained what is now worth over $50 Billions.(41)....."


When people contribute to the Catholic church, they contribute to the procurement of their own chains...and everyone else's.

MYSTERY BABYLON: CATHOLIC OR JEWISH MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. CATHOLIC OR JEWISH? And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, ... http://www.watch.pair.com/mystery-babylon.html

AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt  posted on  2007-11-19   11:41:04 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt (#3)

Part II will be "Jewish Bankers & Their Agenda," which deal with the Jew Jacob Schiff and his bank, Kuhn, Loeb, & Co. Schiff financed the Bolshevik revolution and was the instigator of bringing America into War World I in a deal with Britian to give the Jews Palestine through the Balfour Declaration.

I will do more on the Rothschilds in Pt IV. For Part III will be dealing with the very current Jewish Banking New World Order endeavors. bn

BroNathanael  posted on  2007-11-19   12:55:42 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: BroNathanael (#4)

Part II will be "Jewish Bankers & Their Agenda," which deal with the Jew Jacob Schiff and his bank, Kuhn, Loeb, & Co. Schiff financed the Bolshevik revolution and was the instigator of bringing America into War World I in a deal with Britian to give the Jews Palestine through the Balfour Declaration.

I was just reading the whole rense article above, and just saw Balfour described as a Jew. I did not know that was the case. You may find this link [in light of the Balfour and the Lord Rothschild Agreement] interesting.

"Eugenics Education Society, 1916.

Elected President

Major Leonard Darwin......

Hon. Members

The Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, P.C.

Sir Archibald Geikie, F.R.S.

Her Grace, The Duchess Or Marlborough....."



"....The Rothschilds supported Rhodes to form De Beers. (35) Later, Rhodes made seven wills which established a secret society modelled after the Jesuits and Masons to help bring in a One-World- Government centered upon Britain, and the Rhodes Scholarships.36 [see also Steps Toward a British Union, A World State and International Strife Part I, Extension of Remarks of Hon. J. Thorkelson of Montana in the House of Representatives, http://www.freedomdomain.com/racism.html Monday, Aug. 19th, 1940 and Sir Uncle Sam Knight of the British Empire http://www.freedomdomain.com/uncle_sam.html ].

The inner group was established in Mar. 1891 and consisted of Rhodes, Stead, Lord Esher (Brett), and 33* Mason Alfred Milner.(33bb) A secondary circle of "potential members of the Circle of Initiates" consisted of the Jew Lord Balfour, Sir Harry Johnson, Lord Rothschild, Lord Grey and others. Initially, Lord Rothschild was part of the inner group of Rhode's secret society, but was replaced by his son-in-law Lord Rosebury who wasn't as conspicuous.37 ....."


Men Behind Hitler Index http://www.toolan.com/hitler/index.html

This SHOULD be a wake-up call to Jews.

AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt  posted on  2007-11-19   14:37:44 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#6. To: AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt (#5)

Balfour was *not* a Jew. He was in fact quite anti Jewish as he was a friend of Wagner's (the composer) wife who did not like the Jews. +bn

BroNathanael  posted on  2007-11-19   20:12:31 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#7. To: BroNathanael. AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt (#6)

rense.com/general75/imm.htm Jewish Organizations Behind Illegal Immigration Catastrop

"You can not save the Constitution by destroying it."

Itisa1mosttoolate  posted on  2007-11-19   20:24:53 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#8. To: Itisa1mosttoolate (#7) (Edited)

Thanks for the link.

"...11. They have made abortion into a sacrament. Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and every other leftist pro-abortion promoter and provider in America is run from top to bottom by “the Chosen”. Unlimited and unregulated abortion on demand is lauded and touted in the controlled media as a positive social good for the United States. Thirty-four years after Roe v. Wade and with over 40 million abortions under their belts, these same groups still cheer and applaud for more. And with most abortion rights organizations top-heavy with Jews and a large percentage of abortion doctors also being Jewish, they have definitely made a killing out of killing......"

There Must be 15 Ways to Destroy Your Country - How Jewish Supremacists Wrecked America


....."....During college as I studied leftist movements, I noticed one thing consistently. Every political cause that was weakening, damaging or defrauding this country seemed to have a multitude of Jewish-sounding names attached to it. The National Abortion Rights Action League was headed by Kate Michelman, a liberal Jewish woman.......

What is extremism?

You want to know what extremism is? Well, I’ll tell you. Extremism is organized Jewry literally lecturing the rest of the world on the joys of diversity and multiculturalism, which as Dr. Tom Sunic has pointed out is a misnomer. What the Jews want for Gentile nations is multiracialism. They want populations which are as heterogeneous as possible, thus making them easier to control from the top by Zionist Jews. Foxman in one of his usual chutzpah-laden rants literally had the nerve, the gall to chastise contemporary Germans on the hazards of xenophobia and welcomed the more open “liberal” immigration policies which were being pushed, of course, by organized Jews to dilute the native German population. Eva Herman lost her television job and was called a Nazi for simply suggesting that perhaps German women should have more children. The Jewish extremists have done the same in America, in England, in Canada, in France and in every other nation where they have gotten a foothold. They dare, DARE, to lecture us, demanding that we swing our gates open wide to the world. To even oppose ILLEGAL immigration is a moral crime in the eyes of the Jewsmedia.

All of this moralizing and pontificating comes from a group of people who support a state whose immigration policies are based on “blood purity” on a criteria for Jewishness that makes any Nazi policies look downright moderate. Yet, in typical Jewish extremist fashion, what applies to us NEVER applies to them. They can genocide, displace and literally enslave a whole nation, steal land, bulldoze homes, assassinate academics and poets and dissenters. They can grab family farms and close down Palestinian schools and circumvent the WILL OF THE WORLD as they conscript our money to pay for the whole thing. They can invade neighboring countries and use WHITE PHOSPHORUS ON CIVILIANS! Then they demonize any recalcitrant politicians, strip people of jobs and livelihood, make death threats on families if ANYBODY SPEAKS UP and even notes what is being done in our name. And yet we wonder why the world hates us, is ASTONISHED by our UNRESERVED funding and cheerleading of such a rogue and cancerous so-called nation in the Middle East named Israel.......

- Patrick Grimm

“What Is Extremism?” - October 14th Speech - No More Wars For Israel Conference Filed under: Uncategorized — zionistwatch @ 12:15 am


Border Fence Funding Hoax of 2006 and 2007--How Congress And The President Are Working Behind-The-Scenes To Un-Do The Secure Fence Act

"......Just in case Subparagraph A was not clear enough, Hutchison added Subparagraph D to leave no room for doubt that this amendment is intended to make sure [Israeli dual citizen Chertoff's] DHS is under no legal obligation to ever build any fence....."


ICE Agents Secretly Reassigned by Bush Administration [to far away from the border]


There's a definite agenda here:

http://www.blueletterbible.org/kjv/Exd/Exd001.html#7 .....


Psa 83:4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from [being] a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.

http://www.blueletterbible.org/kjv/Rom/Rom009.html#6 / http://www.blueletterbible.org/tsk_b/Rom/9/8.html


Genesis 15:13-14 http://www.blueletterbible.org/kjv/Gen/Gen015.html#13 / "The US is still a Judeo-British Colony extorting taxes for The Crown" / http://www.blueletterbible.org/tsk_b/Gal/3/29.html

AllTheKings'HorsesWontDoIt  posted on  2007-11-21   10:35:43 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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